What Sets Us Apart


Exceptional Orthodontics for Your Exceptional Smile!

Imagine being able to smile without worrying about your crooked teeth and what others think when they see them. Instead of ducking your head or covering your mouth, feeling uncomfortable around others, you’ll be smiling and laughing freely, without a thought as to how your teeth look – You know they look incredible!


Our practice has a trusted tradition of providing clinical excellence to create beautiful, confident smiles.


Dr. Gibson and our team members are experienced professionals. We’re also people-oriented, friendly, and thrive on the connections we build with our patients and their families. You are important to us and we want to get to know the person who owns the smile!

Dr. Gibson has completed additional training beyond the four years of dental school. He trained full time for an additional three years to receive a master's degree in orthodontics. He is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics and exclusively practices orthodontics everyday, every appointment; it is all he does because he enjoys creating beautiful, confident smiles for his patients. 


Orthodontic care is about engineering faces, not simply moving teeth. Legendary smiles are built upon the expertise of an orthodontic specialist. Correcting your misaligned teeth increases your self-esteem and the confidence with which you move through the world.

Good oral care is a major focus of our orthodontic practice. We promote beautiful, confident smiles through patient education, special treatment on teeth before and during treatment (as needed), and oral hygiene checks will be done at each appointment.


Dr. Gibson completed written and oral examinations to become nationally board certified in his specialty by the American Board of Orthodontics. This is not required of orthodontist, however Dr.Gibson believes it will keep him on the forefront of orthodontics.


He does - no exceptions!  In fact, we use an advanced procedure called indirect bonding (IDB for short). This is where all the praces are placed on a customized tray tailored to your anatomy. IDB trays are developed in our clinic, by out team to deliver precise orthodontc care (we never send them out to a third-party lab) and them placed onto the teeth allowing for extremely accurate results. As an addent benefit, this method allows our patient more comfort and to send less time "in the chair


Once the 12 year molars come in, we will place brackets on these teeth. The 12 year molars are imperative to achieving a properly guided bite. 


This cutting edge technology replaces the messy impression trays of the past with the precision of digital pictures and 3D graphics making it an excellent treatment planning tool for Dr. Gibson and increasing the comfort of out patients...no more gaggin on goopy impression material!

Digital x-rays/How often are radiographs taken?

Our practice has a digital 3D x-ray machine, which means it is basically a photograph of the teeth and jaws. It uses far less radiation then a traditional x-ray machine. We will routinely take digital x-rays over the cours of your time in our office to ensure treatment is going well and allow Dr. Gibson to make diagnostic decision. Every patient will receive additional records in the middle of treatment to allow us to make any adjustments, if needed, in the treatment plan. Dr. Gibson will discuss these records with the parents or patient. 

Customized Care that is just for YOU!

Your smile, like your fingerprint, is unique. We believe your treatment plan should be too!  Through comprehensive records, digital photographs, intraoral scans, measurements and digital x-rays, Dr. Gibson will provide you with a customized treatment plan which  not only straighten s your teeth but engineers your facial structure and profile, taking into account how your smile will develop over your lifetime. 

Our Pursuit of Excellence

One of our team credos is "Never Stop Learning".  We are committed to continuous learning and professional growth within our specialty and work with some of the top consultants in our industry to implement techniques used by the top practice in the country.  

Email and Text remindes of appointments

According to your preference, you will receive courtesy reminders for your appointment with us. We can't wait to see your smile!

The first step on your journey to a life-changing smile is a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gibson. Please contact our Newport or Morristown, TN orthodontic office and schedule yours, today!

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